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The following weeks have been reserved and are NOT available. The Villa is free for bookings at all other times:  



  • Friday 3rd to Tuesday 14th April
  • Sunday 26th April to Monday 4th May
  • Saturday 9th to Saturday 16th May
  • Tuesday 19th to Friday 29th May
  • Friday 12th to Monday 29th June
  • Wednesday 1st to Friday 10th July
  • Wednesday 15th to Wednesday 29th July
  • Saturday 1st to Saturday 15th August
  • Sunday 16th to Sunday 30th August
  • Monday 7th to Wednesday 23rd September
  • Wednesday 23rd September to Saturday 10th October
  • Sunday 11th to Wednesday 21st October
  • Saturday 24th October to Monday 2nd November


Information updated on Friday 10th January 2020 


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